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I approached KT Fit because I wanted to regain my fitness after having my two boys. Kirsten helped me by introducing me to cardio, strength training, boxing, running, circuit and even an obstacle challenge, all at the age of 45.

The results were noticeable very quickly. I even had friends of mine commenting that I look fit and toned.


Joining KTFIT is the best decision I have ever made. I have always found gyms intimidating and I have finally found a trainer who keeps me motivated. The sessions are hard work but always fun and full of variety. Kirsten is incredibly encouraging and attentive to her clients’ needs. I cannot recommend her enough.


I have been with KTFIT for nearly 3 years and I am so happy with the improvement in my strength and fitness.  Kirsten is the most positive, knowledgeable & encouraging person I know & she is able to adapt exercises to suit individual fitness levels or requirements.  We always have fun and leave the sessions feeling satisfied that we've had another total body workout.  If you've ever contemplated joining in a personal training session then I highly recommend KTFIT.



Hi, I'm a 19 year old girl, with a keen love for sport. I started joining in at KTFiT in 2015, to keep my fitness levels up as I competed in a national aerobics team. It was definitely a fun way to keep fit, Kirsten was great at motivating and coming up with all these different sessions that were competitive against others, involving teamwork, competitive against yourself, or just really push you to your limits! I looked forward to my Wednesday and Friday morning classes, although I knew they would be tough and I would hurt afterwards, they were actually enjoyable... And who knew fitness would be enjoyable!!! At the end of 2015 I had an ankle reconstruction, and had to stop all activity. I actually missed my fitness sessions with Kirsten, and all the others in my groups. Getting back into sport and fitness has been tough, as I've taken a year off aerobics and had no real goal. But I recently had a chat to Kirsten, who set me some goals, challenged me to do something every day, and really motivated me to get back into everything! I'm starting back into all things fitness, but definitely wouldn't have been able to without Kirsten pushing me, encouraging me and believing in me that I could do it. 



I have been using KT Fit for over two years now, and couldn’t be happier with the Group Fitness environment.  Everyone is friendly and supportive to each other and the training is always something different.  Kirsten puts a great deal of time and effort into making the sessions unique, difficult but rewarding. I always work up a great sweat!


Who thought exercise could be fun. Not me that's for sure. I have been doing Kirsten's classes for over a year now and I'm truly addicted. For me it's a great way to get fit and relieve stress. Kirsten knows how to get best out of you. She is very encouraging and with her cheerful attitude and big smile you just want to do the best you can. You feel so good after each session.


I'm not a gym person at all, but I really do enjoy classes with Kirsten. As a trainer she's fun, inventive and the right mix of supportive and motivational. Kirsten works closely with each person to adapt exercises to accommodate issues and to build the right individual program for success. Class times are flexible and always a good mix of ages and levels and everyone is made to feel very welcome. Kirsten is a great role model and it's inspiring to see her balance her business, family life and her own fitness. Man, I'd be super happy to end up with arms like hers!! 


Kirst is a great personal trainer that really gets results. She is awsome with accommodating exercises for your fitness level. I exercised with KT fit during my pregnancy and post pregnancy and as a result was able to get my pre pregnancy body back. It's a good feeling to get back in your skinny jeans - thanks Kirst! 



I’ve just completed my first Fitness Challenge with KTFIT.   Our trainer Kirst is fantastic and I’ve signed up again!.   These sessions can be conducted at your own pace so they can be extremely tough if you want it to be or you can ease into it.   Every single session is different so you never know what you are going to be doing.  I don’t know how she does it but Kirst has a unique ability to understand exactly where you are at with your fitness level, any aches and niggles you have and caters her program to you accordingly.  It is like having a personal one on one trainer but you are in a group so paying way less.   The health benefits are obvious but you will also have a laugh and feel a great sense of achievement.      


I joined Kirsten's classes at the start of the year and I can easily say it is the best group fitness class I have been involved in. Kirsten's energy is contagious and her lovely demeanor belies a seriously informed and effective fitness trainer. I guarantee you will feel these classes afterwards and see results, however the environment is so fun and friendly that you will not always notice just how hard you are being worked. Kirsten plans each lesson to include a variety of exercises, with every lesson planned in a different way to keep everybody motivated and entertained. I will never go back to a boring gym after this experience and I can see myself continuing with Kirsten for many years to come ( as many of her clients do ).

Thanks Kirsten!




Kirsten Turner is a fun and energetic trainer who always gets the most out of each client even in a group setting.  The sessions are conducted in a friendly atmosphere, no matter what the weather! I can't recommend KTFit highly enough.


I am a recent member of the KTFiT family and cannot recommend it highly enough!! Training in a supportive environment is what one needs when trying to get back into fitness after a long break. And that is exactly what I got. Not just Kirst, our awesome trainer, but all the others in the group are friendly and very encouraging. Kirst ensures every session is fun, challenging and makes it count for you. Presenting us with a variety of fitness routines to suit everybody, every session is different and exciting. I leave my sessions sore but can not wait to come back for more :)

Thanks Kirst for your enthusiasm, motivation and positive are the best!!!





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