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Hi! My name is Kirsten Turner and I'm a Personal Trainer & owner of KTFiT Outdoor Fitness.


My Name is Kirsten Turner and I am a Personal Trainer and owner of KTFit Outdoor Fitness.


My love for fitness started at a very young age in school where I engaged in almost every sport that was offered to me. I not only enjoyed my sports but I also strived to do my best as part of a team as well as making new friends. I also spent 10 years as a dancer competing at a high level from the age of 9 to 19.


About 10 years ago, my desire to work in the fitness industry pushed me to obtain my Cert. 3 & 4 in Fitness.  I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 14 years and over the past 8 years I have specialised in outdoor group fitness, bootcamps and Pilates. The key motivator for me and what drives my passion as a Personal Trainer is to share this love of outdoor activity with individual clients and groups to help reach their fitness goals.   
My role as a fitness trainer is to motivate, encourage and mentor my clients.  I hope to create a positive and life changing journey for many individuals including myself.


I am not only a Personal Trainer, I am also a mother of 3 beautiful kids and I understand the daily struggles of finding time to be active and looking after yourself.  With school runs, after school activities, managing a business and simply running a home I know how hectic life can be.


At KTFit Outdoor Fitness I have developed specialised programmes, which suit both women and men of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes.   KTFit specialises in outdoor group fitness training, matwork pilates, as well as one on one personalised sessions and corporate groups.  Sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and specific fitness goals.




        Certificate III & IV in Fitness

        Accredited Bootcamp & Outdoor                    Group Training Instructor
        Pre & Post Natal Exercise 


        Boxing for Fitness 



        First Aid (Seniors) Level 2

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